The following collection of songs are some of my favorite recordings.
Special thanks to all who participated:

Tracks 1-4 Backing band courtesy of the Oliver Syndrome, Oliver Morris, Dave Edmonds, Brent McNamara, and Wade Parish.

Track 5 Oliver Morris, and Dania

Tracks 6-9 Mood - Dan Touey, Mike Federline, Wade Parish, and Dania

Tracks 10-12 Metanoia - Steve Kennan, Johnny Mills, Mat Price, and Dania

Track 13 Dania

All Tracks Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Oliver Morris at Studio 512. Indianapolis, Indiana

1. I Just want to be Beethoven
2. Prince Charming
3. Everything you Need
4. These Boots are Made for Walkin'
5. So Here I Am
6. Kiss
7. Already There
8. All of You
9. Set Me Free
10. Sick
11. Bad Air
12. Lock Away
13. Moonlight Sonata